Tyree Cooper // DJ

Jack The Box, Chicago Vinyl, Dance Mania, Chicago/USA

Tyree Cooper was part of the first House music revolution.His contribution to House and Hip House widened the appeal of House music wordwide.

Growing up on the streets of Chicago’s South Side, listening to Farley Jackmaster Funk or The Hot Mix 5, Ronny Hardy and the electrifying energies of Frankie Knuckles, from his mums and uncles collecion Tyree was well schooled at an early age. Two years after college Tyree was already one of the most popular and highly sought after DJs in Chicago. Then Vince Lawrence, of the House band Jesse’s Gang (founded by Jesse Saunders) persuaded Tyree to put together a demo tape of his music to start a career as a recording artist.

From now on, it was only a question of time before signing the first record deal with theChicago based underground label D. J. International Records.

The first 12″ – I Fear The Night (with female vocalist Chic) – promptly became an underground classic in Chicago. Other hits followed: Video Crash and Acid Crash (1987), Acid Over (1988), Turn Up The Bass (1988 / 89), Let’s Get Hyped (feat. Kool Rock Steady, 1989), Let the Music Take Control (1989) and Hardcore Hip House (1989).

And as a side-project, in 2009, Tyree has been working closely with a newcomer to the scene, Bobby Starrr. The two formed a duo called Jack The Box with an album on Moodmusic and did numerous remixes and productions. Also, Chicago Vinyl Records has upcoming releases from Lidell Townsell, Pure G. O. D, Hugo H. and Tyree Cooper himself.

In 2013, Tyree Cooper founded his own label: Chicago Vinyl Records with distribution from Juno Records UK. The first release was Da Soul Revival Classics Vol. 1. With the success of his first release, Tyree worked on his next release (CVR002) All You Need Is… House with vocalist Marco Anderson who sang on such classics as B n C, House Ain’t Givin Up, TC Crew, I Can’t Do It Alone and with legend Dr. Dre. The third release is a Tyree Cooper classic already: Acid Over, with new mixes from Mike Dunn, Hugo H. and a brand new production by Tyree Cooper himself. With the fourth release, Chicago Vinyl Records recruited the New York veteran DJ Erv and his EP My Definition Of House.

Inbetween all the releases Tyree Cooper still has time to enjoy his passion DJing. He hosts a monthly night with Bobby Starrr at the famous Tresor club in Berlin, called E-Man-Ci-Pate. Also Tyree has been known to play and travel throughout the globe at such events as Glastonbury Festival UK, Amsterdam Dance Event, Concrete Paris, Mona Club Paris, Half Baked UK, Houspitality San Francisco and Evil Olive Chicago. Since 2014, Tyree has been residing in the music capital of Europe, Berlin, and has no signs of slowing down. Tyree Cooper is regarded as one of the most influential international artists of the last three decades.

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    TYREE COOPER // Artist News



    „Follow Me“

    Label: Chicago Vinyl Records 

    Release Date: 03//2019

    Format: Vinyl EP

    T.C. CREW

    „Reclaim The Underground Vol.1“

    Label: Chicago Vinyl Records 

    Release Date: 01//2019

    Format: digital only

    Still Hot



    Licensed from
    Tyree Cooper Catalog “Hardcore Hip House” “Video Crash/Acid Crash”

    Label: BBE Records

    Release Date: 06/2018



    Label: Chicago Vinyl Records (CVR 008)

    Release Date: 06//2018

    Format: 12″