Patrick Chardronnet definitely is one of those artists who let their music speak for itself rather, instead of making a big fuss about his person. Deep in Germany’s Black Forest, from a small house surrounded by thousands of mighty firs, Patrick Chardronnet – looked away in his room of humming machines and he produced a masterfully crafted cover version of Jean-Michel Jarre’s unforgettable classic Oxygene Part II that dares dive into the beautifully ethereal moments we find ourselves in when lost in sound. It’s Techno that spans genres and defies age and era. With lush dreamy sonics. warm rolling drums and a plot that unfolds into an impassioned story. Patrick Chardronnet turned a timeless piece of music into an instant Techno classic.

Next to producing Patrick Chardronnet clearly focusses on his live-performance. Everybody who has seen him act live on stage once would have observed his passion for music and entertainment. His intoxicating live-sets create a very special form of energy, that infects everybody sooner or later.