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Second State, Bedrock, Connaisseur, Pokerflat


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Patrick Chardronnet is definitely one of those artists who let their music speak for itself rather, instead of making a big fuss about his person. Deep in Germany’s Black Forest, from a small house surrounded by thousands of mighty firs, Patrick Chardronnet – looked away in his room of humming machines – has dedicated well over a decade to honing his signature sound as an artist: crisp, high-definition beats and minimal grooves harnessed to an intuitive understanding of structure and melody.

Next to producing Patrick Chardronnet clearly focusses on his live-performance. Everybody who has seen him act live on stage once would have observed his passion for music and entertainment. His intoxicating live-sets create a very special form of energy, that infects everybody sooner or later. He has toured extensively, intoxicating dancefloors across the USA, Japan, Europe and Russia.

In May 2018 Second State Audio the Label of Pan Pot did release Patrick Chardronnet’s masterfully crafted cover version of Jean-Michel Jarre’s unforgettable classic ‘Oxygene Part II’ that dares dive into the beautifully ethereal moments we find ourselves in when lost in sound. It’s Techno that spans genres and defies age and era. With lush dreamy sonics, warm rolling drums and a plot that unfolds into an impassioned story, Patrick Chardronnet turned a timeless piece of music into an instant Techno classic. And to commemorate this one we are releasing it as a special coloured vinyl with exclusive artwork making it a must have for every DJ and music lover. The Track did reach #10 in the Beatport Techno Charts as well the #1 in the Decks Charts.

Futhermore Patrick Chardronnet did an outstanding Remix of Klartraum ‘Grinsekatze’,  in appropriately main room style by focussing on the melodic side of the original. It becomes a progressive and driving alternative take that will no doubt appeal to DJs who love to take tracks on long flowing blends in their mixes. ‘Grinsekatze’ was releases in March 2018 on Lucidflow.



This studiowork could be gazed at in 2004 for the first time, when he gave a highly recognized debut on the frankfurt-based Raum…Musik label, which instantly not only sparked Steve Bug’s but also the common interest in his music. Sequentially Bug licensed „Ledge” as opening track for his “Bugnology” mix and the beginning literally was made. More releases and remixes on Poker Flat Recordings were to follow in 2005 whereupon Chardronnet partly acted as solo artist and partly worked together with other musicians.

Still in the same year, the concern to Patrick Chardronnet’s productions was massive everywhere, he celebrated his start on Connaisseur Recordings that came with a blow: “Eve By Day” found it’s way into the cases from Berlin over Frankfurt to Ibiza and advanced to one of the most frequently played and buyed records of the year worldwide.

Not only appearances around the world resulted from this huge success and led Patrick in countries such as the USA, Japan, Iceland and Russia amongst others. From now on Patrick also was one of the most in demand remixers.

Since then he delivered creations for many different kinds of artists and labels like Timo Maas, Rüde Hagelstein, Benny Rodrigues, Martin Landsky, Noir, Edit Revenge, Claude von Stroke

Chardronnet didn’t show himself deedless at all in the following years. Further releases on Connaisseur Recordings, Audiomatique Recordings, Suol, Audiomatique ,Oh my God Recordings, Boxer-Recordings, Noir-Music, Upon.You, Dirtybird, Suara, Rockets&Ponies and again on Poker Flat Recordings from 2008 to 2015 where the result.

His debut album  „BEST OF PATRICK CHARDRONNET„ was released on Audiomatique Recordings in August 2015. This compilation captures the spirit and highlights of this outstanding career, taking you from ‚ edge‘ – the debut that brought him to the attention of Poker Flat label boss Steve Bug, its booming menace and power undimmed.

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    a techno version of the classic by Jean-Michel Jarre, played by Pan-Pot at Time Warp out on Vinyl & digital


    Release Date: 04/18

    KW 16

    #11 Techno Top 100 on

    #2 Vinyl Pre Sale Charts Neotrance on (Release 18.05.18)

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    with RMXS by Someone Else, Manuel Shagun, Empty Shelter & Christ Burstein

    Label: Lucidflow

    Release Date: 03/18

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    Still Hot



    with RMXS by Someone Else, Manuel Shagun, Empty Shelter & Christ Burstein

    Label: RURAL

    Release Date: 11/17

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    Label: Kling Klong Records

    Release Date: 07/17


    Support : Stephano Noferini, Adriatique, Groove Armada, David Squillace, Marco Resmann, Ramon Tapia, Matthias Tanzmann, Kaiserdisco,…

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    Label: Bedrock

    Release Date: 07/17

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    Listen “Frequencies” on Soundcloud