Mathias Schaffhäuser // DJ | Live

Ware records, Souvenir, Third Ear


Mathias Schaffhäuser’s around in the techno, house and minimal scene since 1994. Current, upcoming and last releases of Mathias appear on Souvenir Records, Biotop Label, Third Ear, Snork Enterprises  Mo’s Ferry Productions, BluFin Records and Tic Tac Toe Rec., and he also released on Force Inc., Definitive Records (house sub-label of Plus-8) and many others in the past. In 1997 he started his own record label WARE which released 95 EPs and more than 20 albums until now (as of July 2017).

In 2000 Mathias’ debut album „Lido Hotel“ on Force Tracks speeded up his carreer, the opening track „Nice To Meet You“ became a minimal classic and was remixed by Maceo Plex and featured on his DJ Kicks Album in 2013.
2001 saw the massive club hit “Hey Little Girl”, a cover version of the well known 80’s song by australian band Icehouse. Sven Väth pushed it on certain levels and helped to break it worldwide.
In April 2005 Mathias released his album “Coincidance” (Ware CD 14/Ware 52). The title track was remixed by Trentemøller and also became a huge club classic.
2013 marks the birth of Fanatico, a project by Mathias and Jorge Socarrás (Indoor Life / Catholic, New York).
In January 2014 his album: „Angular“ came out on Mo’s Ferry Productions. Great reviews in MusikExpress, Intro, Groove and others. This album marked a new step in Mathias’ artistic work towards a unique radicalism which was continued on his following album „Diderot“ on Biotop Label. The track „Abyss“ with vocals by Schaffhäuser himself made its way to the dancefloors via remixes by Timo Maas and Ruede Hagelstein and a very special video clip, presented by Germany’s leading Techno magazine GROOVE.


– Mathias Schaffhäuser – „Raue Luft EP” (Third Ear Records)
– Mathias Schaffhäuser – „Love Idol / Kim Raver” (Souvenir Records)
– V.A. – „ A Souvenir from … ” feat. “Spät noch raus” by  Mathias Schaffhäuser (Souvenir Records)
– Fanatico – „Then…” (Hallucienda Records; 2nd Album)
– Remixes for Patrick Zigon (Biotop Rec.)


Mathias has produced remixes for Pan-Pot (“P.O.Box”), Luomo („Tessio“), Steve Bug („LoverBoy“), Faust („T-Èlectronique“), Goldfrapp („Twist“), Indoor Life (“Archeology”), (“Walking Away”), J.C.A. („I Begin To Wonder“), Kaiser Souzai (“Foggy”), Northern Lite („Trusting Blind“), Dapayk & Padberg (“Use Your Arms”) and many others.


Schaffhäuser’s motto at the turntables is: Purism sucks! The quality of the music is what’s important, not sheer functionality and mixing skills. That is: at times his sets can be rather varied from his very own WARE style, deep & sexy house and trippy techno. And more and more often Schaffhäuser uses his microphone and croons his songs or improvises some evergreens to his tunes.

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